Watch out this app is very addictive and has gone viral since the release.  


Available now on the apple store to download and play right now. 

OTP.AR World is your ultimate communications app and a very useful device that has the power of technology to connect you to people you see in everyday life. Use this apps camera to connect and make new networking contacts or engage with your friends to immerse quickly with a new way of connecting to people around you.

With anti-catfish technology, you can enjoy video calls, phone calls and augmented reality when you next go out into the world. connects you to the people inside of businesses. 

Watch out this app is very addictive and has gone viral since the release., 

Play Find a Match On The Pull to improve your odds of connecting romantically with other users who are on OTP.AR World. Ever wondered who that person across the dance floor was, or wondered if the person sitting on the other table was single or maybe an admirer would like to approach you and start a conversation at the bar, now with this app, you can match with someone if they also have this app and they have selected you to pull.

OTP.AR World will show you their pull status or busy status and headline tags in the AR camera mode. Messaging is 100% free so break the ice and send them a gift. This app gives you that confidence.


You can also leave event markers and update your status as stories which you can share in the Geo-location Eco-community world map. Keep your social event interesting for your friends or new friends to connect or attend